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Enchoro Wildlife Camp

Maasai Mara

‘Enchoro’ is a Maasai word meaning “Natural Spring Water”. Enchoro Wildlife camp is the best improved budget tented accommodation available in Masai Mara making it the perfect place to be within a walking distance and being the closest tented camp to the main entrance gate of Oloolaimutia in Mara National game reserve. It boasts numerous well maintained grass areas and an abundance of different varieties of trees making the surroundings in the camp very enjoyable, it makes this camp very popular for families and children as it have a safe and secure scenic environment for children to play. All rooms in the semi luxury and luxury camp have scenic views over the Mara with a sit for hour’s veranda with outside chairs. Each of these accommodation options suite to different traveller’s needs but the high standards of service are maintained throughout the camp no matter what option you choose.

Enchoro Wildlife Camp Masai Mara is strictly committed to its policy regarding responsible tourism and thus, it chooses to work with those local Masai organized groups of men, women and youth that offer and represent the local communities with great long term benefits that maintain the welfare of the preservation of their environment, culture, believes and traditions.

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