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Shimoni Reef


On the southern tip of the Kenya coast, on the edge of the Pemba Channel, north of Zanzibar, lies Kenya's own remote Swahili archipelago. Hidden islands, reefs teeming with fish and dolphins and a living vestige of the 1,000 year old monsoon Dhow trading culture, still plying the islands.

Come taste the original Swahili coast.

Your gateway to explore deserted beaches and islands, snorkelling, diving, fishing, kite surfing, swimming with dolphins, gastronomic Swahili cuisine, star-filled night skies

Dhows, the traditional Swahili vessel, are still the best way to experience the archipelago around Shimoni.

Perched on the edge of the Wasini channel, with commanding views of the Tanzanian Usambara mountain range you'll enjoy cool ocean breezes while covered by a canopy of tropical trees visited by monkeys, bush babies and birds. Your palm-thatched cottage becomes your hide-away.

For a memorable romantic stay, reserve our private roof-top suite with views across the Wasini Channel.

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